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Advanced Master in Architecture and security of information systems


Training goals

For the company, the information systems used to process, carry and secure data are of vital strategic, economic, technical and human importance.

In facilitating decision-making, a well-designed information system can offer a significant and long-term competitive edge. As overhauling IT applications is extremely costly, the aim is to ensure that investments are profitable for the long-term. System choices and transmission costs must be optimised and the sustainability of the offerings from the manufacturers must be considered.

The main goal of the Advanced Master in Architecture and security of information systems is to teach these concepts so that the future professional can acquire techniques and methods for designing and managing information systems as a whole.

Professional prospects

For many companies, the scalability, interoperability and to an increasingly large extent, the security of their information systems are the primary problems. The designers of modern information systems, whether the client or the project manager, or indeed the consultant, must now take account of all these intrinsic problems.

The Advanced Master addresses these extremely important requirements. Its purpose is to train future information system architects, information system consultants or IT project managers, with expertise in the techniques commonly used, particularly those used to secure information systems against the outside attacks that are becoming increasingly commonplace.

Strong points

  • Information technology is a constantly changing area. One of the primary goals of the Advanced Master in Architecture and Security of Information Systems is to keep a very close watch on the industrial sector. In order to maintain close ties with IT users, and in addition to the classes given by the permanent staff at ENSTA and the other schools and universities, classes and practical work are carried out by teachers from IT service companies.
  • A series of company visits using or providing exemplary information systems illustrating the theoretical teaching.
  • Language and management teaching completes the training programme.


The training program is 12 months long:

  • From September to February, 6 months of classes, or about 590 hours: supervised personal work, company visits and lectures
  • From March to August: 6 months internship leading to the defence of a professional thesis



French or foreign candidates holding a degree :

  • Bac + 5 engineer degree, DEA or DESS, MSc or equivalent
  • Bac + 4 and with at least 3 years of professional experience

Cost of training

The cost comprises participation in the classes, documentation, use of computers and company visits (travel costs included):

  • Individual price for 2018: 7,000 Euros. The individual price applies to persons who have just completed an initial training cycle and are not yet employed, and to persons able to prove that they are seeking employment.
  • Company and self-employed price for 2015: 12,000 Euros.

This cost does not includ the registration price (200 Euros).