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Advanced Master in Electric vehicle engineering


Alert to the general desire of industrial players and governments to promote methods of transport that are more environmentally-friendly and less energy-consuming, the Renault Foundation and ParisTech joined forces to create the Advanced Master programme in Electric Vehicle Engineering.

This training is provided by four engineering Schools: ENSTA Paris, Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Mines ParisTech and Ponts ParisTech, all of which are aware of the expectations of the automotive sector of the future, and set on bringing forth generations of students with increasingly-greater skill in the required technologiess, so that the switch from traditional internal combustion vehicles to electrical vehicles can be all the smoother.

The objective of the Advanced Master in Electric Vehicle Engineering is to train engineers in the technologies needed to conceive of the future by offering expertise and methods in three areas :

  • The requisite understanding of mobility requirements as well as possible sustainable responses from a technical, behavioural and organisational point of view (core curriculum)
  • Finer technological undestanding of the electrical systems used to store and manage energy flows within hybrid and electrical vehicles ("MEVE - 2R" option)
  • The methodology needed to conceive and size the architecture of the vehicles of tomorrow ("ACVE" options).


French or foreign candidates holding a degree:

  • Bac + 5 engineer, DEA or DESS, MSc degree... or equivalent.
  • Bac + 4 graduate with at least 3 years of professional experience.