Apart from the professors who work in its own research laboratories, ENSTA calls on professional lecturers from the most prestigious research organisations (CNRS, INRIA, CEA, ONERA, etc.).

The teaching staff

Beside its permanent professors who teach most of the scientific subjects, ENSTA Paris calls upon many professionals for the humanities and technological courses.

The permanent teaching staff

Permanent professors are employed full-time in ENSTA Paris's education and research departments. Their activity in research, in contact with other - often international - organisations, means that they stay at the forefront of their respective fields. At the same time, they are in charge of coordinating educational modules which correspond with their specialities, and play a personal role in teaching most of the fundamental subjects.

Professional lecturers

ENSTA Paris calls on the services of a very large number of outside lecturers (about 650) :

  • Professional engineers from the main sectors of activity of ENSTA's alumni, who offer teaching in step with industrial reality ;
  • Researchers, who give the students a taste of what is currently being done in the major research laboratories, and will find its way into industry tomorrow ;
  • In economics and management, languages, culture and the humanities, specialists from universities and leading institutes (Sciences Po, CNRS, Business schools, etc.) as well as senior civil servants.