Li Lu, doctorant
Laboratoire d'Optique Appliquée

My ENSTA years : "Advanced technologies and a good work team."

After his Undergraduate study on nuclear physics in the School of Nuclear Science and Technology in Lanzhou University in China, Li Lu worked during three years to install and debug 3TW femtosecond laser system, vacuum UV spectrometer, visible spectrometer in Lanzhou University under the guidance of specialized engineers. He started to study on the amplification of the soft x-ray laser based on plasma by doing a Ph.D under joint supervision of the applied Optical laboratory in the ENSTA Paris and the Polytechnic School of engineering.

What is your academic background ? 

I have got a lot of training about operation of the CPA femtosecond laser system and some detection technologies for the laser-matter interaction as well.

Why did you choose to integrate this laboratory ?  

I knew the laboratory (Laboratoire Optique Appliquée) from some article. I'm very interested in some subjects of this laboratory, so I applied for it.

What is your field of studies ? 

My current subject is Soft X-ray Laser Seeded by Stretched HHG.

What are the possible applications of this research ?

Our goal is to get high pulse energy (about 10mJ) and full coherent soft x-ray laser with the pulse duration around 100fs, which will be widely applied in the research of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

What do you think are the benefits of ENSTA Paris labs ?

I think there are at least two benefits : the extensive research experience on the laser and the international cooperation platform, which is the guarantee of the advanced technology.